Club NamePurposeMeeting Times
Garden ClubTeach the children about the benefits and responsibilities of having a garden.TBA
Girls on the RunLife lessons for girls and runningTBA
STEMScience, Technology, Engineering, and Math projects with K-1 studentsTBA
Kindness KrewTeach students how to be kind/spread kindness throughout the schoolTBA
Chinese ClubLearn how to say numbers and letters in Chinese, write names in ChineseTBA
Reading ClubReading Club for 4th and 5th gradeTBA
Odyssey of the Mind Critical thinking skills and team building to solve real world problems in the skit. TBA
Coding ClubStudents learn coding and critical thinking skills through online programsTBA
Writing ClubLearn to publish fictional stories and create an Ebook onlineTBA
Boys Sports ClubAfter school sports and team buildingTBA